10:30 am Sundays

Lee Burneson Middle School

​2260 Dover Center Rd.

​Westlake OH 44145

A. Yes, the mission and vision of Legacy Church is to welcome ALL people.  It is here that you will discover Hope in Jesus Christ and begin to Live with Passion; Move with Purpose; and Exist with Potential.  Come, just as you are, we welcome you.

A. Yes, it doesn't matter where you are coming from; we only care where you want to go in life. Pastor Debbie grew up in the Baptist Church and her husband Charlie grew up in the Catholic Church.

Q. Where are you located and when are your church services?

A. Legacy Church is a network affiliated church with the Assemblies of God denomination. (See the "We Believe" tab)

A. Contact Legacy Church by clicking on the "Contact" tab and submitting a message to legacychurchcleveland@gmail.com ... or ... you can call or text us at (440) 253-9551.

A. Quite a bit ... while reading the New Testament you will see women in leadership roles frequently ... If you would like an Old Testament example, again, there are many.  Start with Judges 4 and 5, the text about Deborah ... hmmm, wonder why I like that one.  The prophecy of Joel 2:28-29 is pretty clear too.

A. Yes, not only are we accountable to God but the church and pastor are accountable to the leadership and denomination guidelines of the Assemblies of God.

A. So, you're not perfect ... welcome to humanity!  You can't change the past.  However, you can make that first step in changing your future.  Come as you are and welcome to the Legacy family.

A. No.  There are plenty of churches in the Cleveland area that offer the show.  No loud music, No flashing lights ... the worship time at Legacy Church is intentionally intimate.

Q. We are looking for a church with a large worship band and lots of flashing lights. Do you have this?

Q. May I attend Legacy Church given my past?

Q. I want to help out.  How do I become part of your church plant?

A. You may join us at 10:30 a.m. at Lee Burneson Middle School 2260 Dover Center Rd., Westlake Ohio for our Sunday morning church services.

Q. Does Legacy Church and the pastor have accountability?

Q. What denomination affiliation is Legacy Church?

Q. A woman lead pastor seems odd to me.  What does the Bible say about this?

Q. May I attend Legacy Church if I come from another denomination?

Q. I have never been to a church, would I be welcome here?

live with hope ... Leave a legacy

Live with Passion, Move with Purpose, Exist with potential